Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travel around India !!!

This blog is dedicated to my undying love for travel ..gals , i ve been to tamil nadu. kerala,karnataka,andhrapradesh,himachal pradesh,punjab,haryana,uttar pradesh,uttranchal and rajasthan till date ...
For us travel has been a passion .. and out of all theplaces i ve mentioned I choose North ..We decided to go for a vacation to our mother north india .. it was 15 days trip .. and in th year march 2007.. we went to ITDC .. and asked for help . th guy there said we can accomodate kulu manali also . . . and i was in double mind .. coz i cannot be away from chennai .. for too long . .all set and we were to travel by flight..
I am big dodger .. tht was the first time i am taking a flight and i pretended as if i had no fear at all ... inside ma heart . i was thinking wen will i get down? vj was enjoying ..the time we landed .. it was all different , different ppl, diff culture and diff language .. i know spoken hindi .. so i was the boss there and i was translating things to VJ .. there was an old man 62(hari prakash) waiting to pick us .. while travelling he said he is 72 years old and managed to get a duplicate certificate .. we were like .. will u drive properly and he said don worry madam .. am here , y fear ?and he kept on talking to us .. n said south indians are too good ....
That day we decided to roam Delhi .. and am interested in History (my fav subject) and i was very happy .. Delhi taught me loads .. the fun th city has .. new delhi is so clean ..and Right from historical monuments to gardens to museums to religious places, Delhi is a treat for you.. .. though i for got it .. coz it has been more than 3 years .. am feeling th energy in me penning this blog ... The land has all the beauty and heritage .. There are many attractions in Delhi that you will not like to miss.Delhi will make you fall in love with the place. And the places i vsited there Red fort, humayun's tomb,qutub minar,jantar mantar,purana quila,india gate,akshardham temple,lotus temple,jama masjid , raj ghat .. and i cannot forget my shopiing experience . heard bout meena bazar .. u get everything there and 1 more thing I like bout delhi is .. contrary to ma thinking .. delhites like south Indian dark toned gals .. :)
Now from delhi .. lemme take u to AGRA and TajMahal (wonder of the world and a architectural master piece) .. needless to say .. a price less beauty and ya beauty of luv with passing years only grows .. i was fantasizing myself as Mumtaz .. i think everybody wud.. th place has th magic spell .. its tomb every where but its such a blissful feeling .. only if u see u ll know it ..Taj Mahal is undoubtedly the epitome of  Indian Tourism .....
Fatehpur sikri(did u ppl see jodha akbari .. )Elegance personified, the entirety of the complex of Fatehpur Sikri is adorned with some of the finest elements of the reign of the Mughals. , . i bought loads of beads and accessories from fateh pur sikri .. young boys sell these stuff and they speak any language (like th ones u saw in slumdog millionaire)..
Taj to pink city rajasthan .. it shows a great contrast from one area to th other..it has the glow of deserts,heritage forts,palaces and bazaars ..The glorious city boasts of its cultural heritage from every nook and corner. Jaipur is the reservoir of Indian customs, traditions, civilization and legacy. Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amber Fort, the best architectural examples of India , and don forget to taste kulfi malai near jantar mantar .. lip smacking !
cool .. kulu manali .. th name says it all .. wen we planned for trip . th officers said u may see some snow in kulu . and we were travelling for 16 hrs to see tht .. and we did see snow and vj wid his 10 zoom mobile was capturing snow .. all of a sudden th bus stopped and they asked us to get down .. only getting dowm we understood it was snowing very badly (due to pollution n stuff .. it snowed late).. n we saw may hrithiks :).... waiting there to dig snow .. even today i think how heroines dance wid mini skirts in kulu .. we almost froze and hated the climate .. snow evrywhere ..and only th 3 rd day we found few trees and bikes n cars all covered by snow..
one incident .. don know scary or funny .. th first day at kulu we came down th hill to do some shopping and it was 6 o clock and th shop keeper was asking us where we stay and we said hill top and he was like .. oh its 6 and u cannot go up .. we were . omg ! running to get a cab .. thanks we did get one . but he stoppped on th way saying he cannot go up as snow is fully covered . so wid much courage we were walking .. no lights .. nothing .. pitch dark and minus degrees .. there was a small shop and i told her we need candles .. i lit candle started walking .. it lit off in no min .. so we were walking upwards and from down we heard a voice which said kahan jateh ho ruk . mein bhi arahan ho .. (where re u going wait .. am also coming) .. tht was a loud voice and we dint ve th guts to turn back .. we ran like crazy .. we reached th room and i was literally dead ..
so, thts th travelogue .. and i wud love to say India is truly stunningly beautiful .. very few countries has these diversities.. I luv my India !!!

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