Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My bundle of joy .. Nakshatra!

Travelling down the memory lane brings fresh and soothing air .. I think childbirth is one of the most memorable event of a mother's life.
We were in planning for a year and roamed the entire world as if the world is going to end.We moved to a new house and spend day and night decorating the same.One day when vj was painting the roof of our bed room he was drawing all celestial objects of the sky and when i looked at the roof i saw there was our intials V and S and a small star followed by it. So in that romantic mood i told vj i want a girl baby and will name her V.S.Nakshatra , he smiled and knowing me well would have decided if its a gal .. she is Nakshatra ..

After a year when i conceived ... was bursting to tell the good news to all . I first disclosed the news to my grand mother as she was the one who kept on asking me ..My mom and Mil was asking me not to let the news for 3 months. When did i listen to them to listen now.My happiness dint last long as i got bleeding in the 2nd month. I was almost fainted. Some how got courage and got hospitalized .. doctor gave me some medicine and was asking me to take rest for atleast a month. I spoke to VP of my company and he readily accepted and he gave me permission to work from Ekkaduthangal branch as it was near to my house.
When i started going to office again ... i was the only one in a cabin which can accomodate more than 50 people. I was very nervous and it used to be calm always.I used to wonder why people say it is morning sickness? cause i felt it throughout my pregnancy. I was nauseating badly. Could not eat anything, drowsiness,memory slip.. and out of all .. vomiting was the bad symptom and blood vomit .. the worst. With no maid and elders around i really dont know how i managed everything .. At office as i was the only one .. no people to talk.. was feeling much low. The only time when i was happy is when we (myself and Vj) used to argue on the sex of the baby. For me it was nakshatra and he wanted Murugesh ( a baby boy) ..
So all was well .. and at the end of the pregnancy i was eagerly waiting for the arrival of my little one .. result of nine months of pain, planning and preparation. My doctor said the head positioning is all gud and i may delivery a baby of 3.5 kilos and i can continue to work for a week. So, all set to got to office. Reached office late and was typing an out of office mail ... there were only 2 friends near by and i was telling them .. that am tired and would take a break.. before i could complete the sentence .. i got my first pain and i asked my friends if they could arrange a cab for me .. and Unfortunately no cab and we had to ask a manager for help. So it was i, along with 2 of my friends .. we were reaching vijaya hospital and i dint call my mom or vijay coz i dint want them to get frightened. I reached hospital .. called my people and went to the doctor.

Dont know what went wrong, she said it was a false pain and asked me to go to house. I could very well feel the pain. But listened to her and to home. I was wetting my clothes and experienced painful and irregular contractions. I decided to get admitted and the drive was nerve wracking, Un easy silence .. i was comforting both my mom and husband. I told the doc , see .. i think this is active labour and am wetting my clothes. She admitted me in emergency.
After some 15 min, My inlaws had come and my MIL talked to me very nicely , kissed me on my fore head and she said i can do it .. i was not feeling the exact pain .. so i was like ok. My mom dint know how to convince me .. so she was crying , VJ was fully confused and anxious.. vj's periamma was like u came alone from office and u worked till the last day .. i was very happy to hear all this...
Doctor asked them all to stay out .. and i was there .. along with another mom to be .. she was in her active labor and was screaming. I was quite .. thinking am so brave ..
The time had come .. When I actually got in to the active phase .. i was shouting on top of my voice and was not letting anybody to take rest. Nurses and doctors were angry on me . I could not help it. I was pleading to get a C Section done. One of the nurse even closed my mouth .. i was yelling instead of co operating. I was calling out for my mom and VJ .. Doctor said no .. Concentrate and push... I asked them for epidural . doctor again said no .. Try and Try again .. .. the lady who was there in the ward in labor .. was advising me to do deep breathing..I did my level best and delivered a beautiful baby gal at the end of 2.5 hours of struggle n pain n vomit..
To be dramatic . i can say it was a wonderful experience... but honestly it was not .. i almost died ..When i first heard her cry . i asked the doctor .. is it female .. she said yes.. and i said  YES .. its nakshatra .. she gave me a weird look for the tensions i gave her.
Nakshatra was taken out to meet her cousins and when the nurse said it was a female .. VJ in tension understood it as paiyan.. a boy .. pavam .. However Nakshatra mesmerised people there with her first dimpled smile ..i apologized to doctors and nurses for being such a spoiled sport and non co operative... I messaged all my friends that am blessed with a baby gal and all replied saying .. Welcome Nakshatra !!!
When u see mothers give birth on TV, you always see them cry when they  hold the baby for the first time .. I was wondering what so great about it .. Now when i could see my own tears i believed what i saw on tv. No matter how exhausting the nine months may have been, every bit of the pain seems worth it.
I love her smell, her tiny feet, her breathing sound, softness of her skin, her dimples.. The happiest moment i have ever experienced..
Its simply a miracle !!! My bundle of joy !!!

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