Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My star's first day at PRE school

Atlast .. the day has come and after a big google search ..we finalized "Arise N Shine" at Anna Nagar .. I liked the place bcoz of the ambience, cleanliness and the most important .. Child Proofing ... This place is near Anna Tower Park . I visited the school and asked for admission .. but they said admission closed for Preschool and they dont admit kids below 3 in pre school .. with great difficulty i got them convinced and Naksha had to take up an interview .. she did get thro and this is the school .
So, Monday morning we got nakhatra dressed up (early rise for her) and took her to the school .. she was allowed to go inside the class and the counsellor came wid new pair of uniform , cap and bag ..
Time flies ...Naksha in School uniform .. She was happy for a while .. but lil later .. she came crying and asked me not to leave her .. i was there waiting for her . I think we are sometimes more nervous than the kids .. Of all .. this is my daughter taking her first small step into the big world. She may settle down quite quickly.After all , she can strike up a conversation with anyone whom she comes across and loves to meet and play with other kids .She should be fine and Ofcourse shud be better than me ..I was sitting there and couting minutes and finally what a relief to see her back .. Successful first day and i sense i have some how managed to trust other people with the care and education of my child ..
I feel kids grow up fast .. very fast .. Is there a way for me to stop her from getting older ?

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