Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Man

Of Late .. i keep hearing super mom, best mom.......so i thot i ll tak time to write something bout The Man who lived and died for me .. MY Father !!!
I am th only child .. as a little girl , i idolized my own dad. According to me he is always correct and perfect. Even now if some one ask me who do u like ur father or mother, i wud not think even a second .. will say .. Father (dunno how will i feel if my daughter does the same thing to me )..
My father left me 10 years ago and even today i just wanna see a glance of him .. all the memories remain so fresh in my heart and mind. Everyday i think of him .. so many years passed by and so many changes in my life . His place still remains a vacuum ...
He has done so many thing to me .. He was my alarm .. even alarm rings only once, but my dad used to give me umpteen calls without frowning.. He used to say he has 2 hands in a jolly note ..tht one hand to hold me and th other one to carry my bags .. He was a railway employee but never made me feel low, i was always leading a rich and happy life ..birthday were like a great party and all my friends are invited .. even to a buy a small pen or a book .. he traverses .. almost all shops .. My friends used to ask me .. Is he ur friend or father ? and my relatives think am pampered .. ya thts th way i lived.
I don remember asking him anything .. coz before i cud he was always there giving me more than i cud ask for .. None can fill his place .. He once asked me whether i wud cry if he dies? i don no wht i answered him .. i weep all alone .. some thing or th other .. shows his presence and also says he is no more
When he was hospitalized .. i never knew he will not be back . I dint go to the hospital or talk to him .. till date i cannot digest this fact .. He died of leptospirosis .. a very new disease then .. he was wanting to spend christmas holidays with me and was saying we all will be there to see 2000 and none will be there to see 3000.. but he dint even see 2000.. he died on th 26 th ...
Passing many years with him i felt certain sort of strength .. once he was gone ... i was left alone .. helpless ..it took many years for me to understand the fact tht he was not there...
When it was time to love and get married , i knew i had to find a person who wud not only be my spouse but also a great dad.The connection between a child and her father is so unique from other relationships.
Father's day has been around for only few years .. its only because there is a delay in recognizing the important role fathers play in raising kids.
Makkals, my request to u all .. when your dad reaches an older age, things may become more difficult..he cud be confused about details and dates.. our consistent presence will make them feel better.. meet and help get him out in the world..the one who taught us how to live on this real earth with out any conditions but those of life ..
Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.....
Love you dad !!!

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  1. Hi..
    The blog abt Dad made me so nostalgic n tears came in my eyes...Felt ur happiness surrounding ur dad and also ur sadness of him nt beside with u in hard times..Bt definitely his blessings are always there with u..Thats y u r happy,contented n u get whatever u wish for..