Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is black beautiful?

Hi ..
Yesterday happened to see a show where in a dark skinned female hanged herself .. she commited suicide coz she was not getting a groom and she dint want to burden her parents .. i felt really bad ..
Tht reminds n  motivated me to pen this blog ..
Am dark ... n i did face so many problems ..in ma life, worst was in ma school .. 70 percent students were fair complexioned and we were lik left out .. even if u ve talent u cannot participate in any culturals ,, hope u ppl remember wht i wrote on Maama Mia blog .. tht was th first time i was on a stage and performing ...i dint dare to tht in my school coz i ve seen right in front of my eyes ...cultural team rejectin my friends .. coz they re dark .. truely left out ..
i dint face this prob in college (UG/PG) .. coz my friends treated me very well .. but i used to shy away coz they all were fairer than me ..
I used to get annoyed if some one says she/he is black BUT beautiful /handsome ...dint know y?i hated tht but ..as if black and beautiful does not go together..
Light skin has always been revered as the ideal; always will be, because deep down in our collective psyches, we’ve been brain washed! Brain washed to believe that white is right; the real reason is how effectively devastating the effects of racism has been, in making those of a darker hue feel or be perceived as inferior..
My marriage (luv) was another tragedy .. my mIL dint lik me coz i was not fair .. even after marriage she used to say look at her she is so fair (as if thts an added advantage n look at u kinda..).. in my preganacy she even was advocatin me to stop takin iron pills coz tht will mak my child a dark skinned.one ....i was lik OMG ! used to think if an european female takes iron pills 3 times a day .. will she giv birth to a dark child ?... wht nonsense? .. used to be dull all th time ...i know my hubs likes me a lot .. but then .. i cud not console or hide out from this fair/dark discrimination ..
there were times i used to buy everythin in black (of course i lik tht color a lot).. wen i got my car .. i wrote Black is beautiful!!.. was very crazy ...dint mingle wid fair ppl .. used to buy loads of fairness creams .. n parlour .. was very crazy ..
After delivery ppl re lik .. oh so ur daughter is fair n not like u .. i was lik gimme a break ...my own mother says... karrupa irrundha eppadi?
Sometimes i used to cry helplessly .. not knowin wht to do .. am born dark and am not responsible for it ...
Later .. dunno who opened my eyes .. I understood .. am not here to change ppl ..n i ve a small life to lead to ...so geared up and ready to tak comments and accept ppl as they re ..
"There is only one pretty child in the world
and every mother has it"

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